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Critical terms, concepts, scholars, and research in the field of rhetoric and composition.
2013.Nov.4.class terms.

A word cloud of significant terms chosen by Kathleen Yancey's Digital Revolution and Convergence Culture Class on November 4, 2013.

A Brief Rationale

This project emerged out of Kathleen Yancey's class "Digital Revolution and Convergence Culture," taught in the Fall of 2013 at Florida State University. Its purpose is to provide a collaborative, online environment for students and scholars to work together toward a scholarly reference work that covers concepts emerging from rhetoric and composition.

Although open to all people to view and to edit, this space is specifically focused on work being done within this field. Throughout the course, we explored some of the challenges of defining the key terms, concepts, and parameters of a field of study. I hope this space will help us, undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty alike, grapple with some of the big questions like: what is rhetoric? what is composition? And just what the hell is rhetoric and composition? Just as much, I hope it will help us to define and work on more specific topics.

You might ask yourself - why don't we just use Wikipedia? That's the first question I asked, and it was a hard one to answer. The difference between a space like this and Wikipedia lies in scope and structure. scope, because the specialized nature of the Wiki allows for terms, people, and concepts that might get zapped on Wikipedia to flourish. And structure because as a space primarily written by and for students and scholars within rhetoric and composition, the community can set rules that work for us in regards to standards, procedure, and publication.

This project is a risk. It could die immediately, or it could flourish and become a space where people within our community share our work and define ourselves on our own terms. The exciting thing, I think, is that no one person can make either happen on his or her own. If this space becomes something worthwhile, it will be because of the collaborative efforts of students and scholars alike. 

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